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Retail Partner Enterprises

  • Streamlining the Path to Retail

    Retail Partner Enterprises provides the expertise, knowledge and relationships to achieve success in retail product placement.

    We like tell clients that we are "Streamlining the Path to Retail" because we help them push through the challenges that companies experience when attempting to launch a new retail campaign.

    Our connections to a host of marketing channels including independent retailers, appliance groups, chain stores, home-shopping television, and e-commerce make us highly successful when bringing new products into a retail venue.

    If your product needs to be on the shelves of every store, become a client today and experience the difference from using our proven, professional services versus going it alone.

    Need to see more? Take a look through our website to learn more about how we make retail product placement easy, and then
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  • Become a Retail Partner

    We distribute product brands such as EdenPURE®, PurATron, and other quality brands to retailers. Partner with us today to get the brands you want with the margins that you need.

    Do you have an independent retail store? Independent retailers partner with us to get highly advertised and consumer recognized products to sell on their shelves.

    From strong, single family run businesses in small towns, to companies with multiple home-grown locations, our independent retailers are the face of Main Street across the nation.

    We Value Independent Retailers

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