About Us

Retail Partner Enterprises, LLC (RPE) provides the expertise, knowledge and relationships to help clients achieve success in retail product placement. By "Streamlining the Path to Retail", RPE manages established and new brand product lines and sells to qualified national and international retail venues. As division of SCI, RPE has 40+ years of marketing success. 

RPE clients reap cost saving benefits using our All Vendor Interface designed to make the processes of logistics, order fulfillment and customer service a turn-key solution. 

Our Retail Readiness program provides the necessary consultation required when a company needs on-shelf visibility for merchandise. 

RPE also provides powerful Sales Management. We are the Vendor of Record to do business with dozens of retailers in multiple distribution channels equating to well over 10,000 commercial rooftops though dealer, appliance, large chain, and e-commerce product placement.
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